The Team

Joseph S. Fastow, MD PA

Dr. Joseph S . Fastow is a pioneer in the field of Emergency Medicine and was part of the specialties introductory graduating class at Boston University. For over 40 years, Dr. Fastow has specialized in providing in-patient physician services across multiple specialities on both long-term and locus tenens models. An experienced lecturer and educator, Dr. Fastow is on faculty at John's Hopkins University and is a trusted resource and educator in the intersection of business and medicine. 

William J. Fastow

William Fastow graduated from James Madison University and has an advance degree in business and marketing from Emerson College. William is the day to day operations manager for Forest Park Specialists LLP.

Dr. Madhu Borra MD, Pedaitrics

Dr. Borra has been a trusted provider with Forest Park Specialists LLP for many years and has been the managing director of the firms Pediatric programs at both Laurel Regional Hospital and Saint Mary's Hospital.

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